Stem Cell Therapy

Explore innovative stem cell therapy for foot health. Our podiatrists offer advanced treatments for lasting relief and recovery.

Yes, there IS an Estero Stem Cell Foot & Ankle Practioner!

For the last couple of years, leading edge and advanced foot and ankle pain treatments have been the domain of BigCity Specialists, but recently found their way into the offices of forward thinking local practioners who wish to offer audiences in Estero, Naples or Clewiston Stem Cell treaments as an alternative to radical surgery

Why consider Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells harness the body’s healing potential through a natural process that combines growth factors and bioactive cells. These treatments repair cartilage and ligament damage, and tendonitis, and put an end to foot, ankle, and knee pain without discomfort or disability. Think about some of the other things you’ve already tried for joint pain like collagen supplements, glucosamine, or injections. Unfortunately, these provide a slow process for remedy and may prove to be unsuccessful. Therefore at Total Podiatry stem cell injections are utilized to repair damage to our tissue and joints. Stem cell treatments may cause mild discomfort at the time of injection but start working in a couple of hours, allowing correction of your true source of pain. In 2-3 weeks, the area of pain should be significantly relieved, allowing you to get back to what you take pleasure in doing. Enjoying life!

Top Reasons to Consider Stem Cell:

  • Stem Cell Therapy promotes self-healing (allows your own body to heal you)
  • Stem Cell Therapy is non-invasive (unlike surgery)
  • Stem Cell Therapy self-heals without the need to implant foreign objects in your body (like plastic or metal)
  • Following a Stem Cell Treatment patients can go home a few hours after the procedure and recover much quicker than with invasive joint replacement surgeries (zero downtime)

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